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You can create as many characters you like per person, Athenians or Spartans with the limitation that you can’t use characters you have created/own against each other in battles, exchange items between them and/or purchase lots from characters you own. In case you own characters on opposing sides (Athens/Sparta) they are forbidden to participate in battlefields or common location battles in the map and to use the chat to inform players of the opposite side on what is happening on the chat of the other side and/or but not limited to rigging battles anywhere in the game. In case of breach of these terms admin(s) can decide on the punishment ranging from 300 mnas (in game currency 1 mna = 1 British pound) up to account suspension or permaban from the game for serial offenders. Monetary punishments means that chat aside until you pay the price inflicted on you, you want be able to do anything else on the character(s) that have been fined.

When naming your character(s) names that are racist, sexist, homophobic, or in any way insult religions, cultures, political views and/or but not limited to human rights of any player in the game or not are strictly forbidden. Players that breach this rule/term of use will be contacted to change their character(s) name(s). If they do not they will be fined 10 mnas for each day after. This also applies to naming clans.


You can buy and sell items via Post and Auction. In both means you set the prices and there is no currently established system for pricing these transactions. You can also directly give items and/or ingame gold to other players for free so long as the above stated rules are not breached. Players can lend gold and/or items to other players in the game so long as anyone involved in this/these transaction(s) emails the admins here: and clearly state that all involved players agree to this and the terms that have been agreed upon (please use a subject common to all to be understood). Only in this case will the admins be able to intervene if the terms agreed upon between players are breached.


In the world (common) chat English is the used language and is defined as the only language allowed by the admins. In other chat channels you can speak in any language you like.

Use of rude, homophobic, racist and/or but not limited to sexist comments in any channel in chat are strictly forbidden.

Use of psychological and/or verbal violence, bullying and/or but not limited to blackmail in any way in any channel in chat is strictly forbidden.

It is strictly forbidden for a clan to forbid entrance to a player based on his/her/their religion, country of origin, sexuality and/or but not limited to gender.

Any kind of fascist behaviour is strictly forbidden in any aspect of the game.

Any blackmail in the game by a player to another player based on his/her/their character(s) strengths and/or weaknesses is strictly forbidden.

The punishments for the above range from 1 to 500 mnas or account suspension and/or permaban for serial abusers and will be decided by admin(s) based on the situation and/or magnitude of the breach and/or but not limited to if that player is a serial offender.


If You wish, you can purchase mnas (in-game currency) for real world money, which can be used by you solely under the conditions, specified below. All fees payable for in-game currency are non-refundable.

1. The in-game currency, although it has a price at the time of purchase, has no monetary value and is not subject to monetary evaluation, is not a means of payment and serves a sole purpose so that you can exchange it for consumed in-game valuables. The in-game currency cannot be exchanged for cash or other valuables, except for in-game valuables in the usual course of the game process, even if it was not used by you while you had the opportunity.

2. In-game currency is purchased by you by paying for the appropriate amount of the in-game currency by one of the payment methods, provided for each respective Game Services/on the corresponding website of the Game Services. The charge of the in-game currency to your in-game account shall be made as soon as possible, however, due to circumstances beyond the control of, there may be delays in the provision of payment information systems about your payments. Please note that will not credit the in-game currency to your in-game account until has received a confirmation of receipt of your payment. In case of no crediting of Game currency within 24 hours from the time of payment, please contact our customer service – The moment of crediting the in-game currency and the rights of its use in the Game Services by the provided ways shall be considered the moment of reflection on your in-game account, established under the relevant Game Services, of the monetary inflow to the account of

3. You can exchange in-game currency for in-game valuables that are available at a particular time. And thus You acknowledge that this is the only operation You can perform with the in-game currency.

4. The purchase of in-game currency and the exchange of in-game currency for in-game valuables shall be made by you at your own risk. do not guarantee, that (i) the in-game valuables desired by you will be available at the time of crediting the in-game currency to Your in-game account, (ii) You can use the in-game valuables for an indefinite or desired period, (iii) You can exchange in-game currency for specific or any in-game valuables for an indefinite or desired period for the defined and non-changeable price, (iv) the characteristics or the intended use of the in-game valuables will be unchanged for the duration of the operation or the Game Services or will meet Your expectations or views.

5. By purchasing in-game currency, as well as exchanging in-game currency for in-game valuables, You realize that (i) Your access to the Game Services may be terminated according to these Terms, and/or (ii) the Game Services may cease to exist at any time for any reason, and this does not give you reason to require from refund of the fees paid for the in-game currency.

6 You are prohibited to sublicense, sell or attempt to sell the in-game valuables for money, or exchange the in-game valuables for value of any kind outside of the Game Services. Any such transfer or attempted transfer is prohibited and void, and will subject Your Account and/or Your access to the Game Services to termination.

7. recognizes that there are or may or will be underage persons registering to play in this game, therefore during registration we have added a tickbox: Please check the box if you register as a parent for a children. . If you are underage or are creating an account for an underage minor, please tick that box. is not or can be found liable to how registered users make use of the provided payment methods.