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This will be updated regularly as the need arises. Have fun playing the game we crated for you!

A: This is a Free to play (F2P) massive online (F2PMO) RPG, players can create their account, character and play the game ENTIRELY for free should they want to. You can battle mythological creatures of ancient Greece and/or other players such as yourself for loot, honour and glory (and personal gratification). You can also collect and equip a variety of items, potions and skills, all artfully and carefully created by our dev team and awesome 3D animator (and jack-of-all-trades)!
A: For any problem with your character and/or your account please contact
A: For how to play the game go into the library for the tutorials or ask in the game chat. If you still have questions, please send us an email at
A: No. Both factions give equal rewards in quests and drops in battles. The classes even if they provide each a different gameplay experience are equal between them and designed so that each can defeat each other if players have the required experience and character build.
A: The idea is that members of the opposite faction can’t talk to each other, except for the forums so that they cannot rig fights and spy on the opposite faction. In the event that either of those is caught by an admin the offender(s) will be punished according to the game rules and terms of use.
A: The game is going to be constantly and regularly updated and maintained.
A: Not yet but we will work on it in due time.
A: For this and any other in-game related questions and answers please visit the library and watch the tutorial videos.
A: That account has breached one or more of our terms of use and/or game rules, you need to pay the fine before your account is re-enabled, for any other terms of use/game rules questions, please read the appropriate links below or contact us in this
A: No, the game does not have a return policy, any purchases you make in the game are final. If you made a purchase but did not receive your in-game currency equivalent (mnas) to exchange for gold coins please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you and resolve the problem.
A: You can exchange your mna(s) in the bank for in-game gold coins. You can then spend those gold coins as you wish in-game for in-game services or digital items to use in the game.