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XMAS Event!

Written by admin, Posted at 22 December 2016, 12:00 AM

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Christmas event!

Bad news for the Olympian Gods as Christmas is approaching. Rumours have it that the evil Spirit of Christmas has sent a demon disguised as Santa Claus to our lands with a diabolical plan. A plan to destroy Olympus and all it stands for.

The Olympian Gods need as many these materials as you can send them, to cast a powerful protection ritual and stop evil Santa Claus from destroying Olympus.

Keep sending Iron Tears, Evil Hearts and Evil Brains to ARES or ATHENA (even if you do not see them online) via post. For every 100 materials the Gods receive you the chance of success of the ritual increases, as does the value of the gift you will receive from them.


1. Potions
2. Green Item level 3
3. Golden item level 3
4. Green Item level 6
5. Golden Item level 6
6. Two Golden Items level 6


The reward you will receive depends on your help to the Gods and it will be given out on 7 January 2017.